California Priority (Lottery) Drawing Winners

Congratulations on your success! A record number of applicants filed this year to win this once a year opportunity. has been doing Priority Liquor License Applications for 30 years. Our Processors know all the techniques to get your application approved quickly and efficiently without you having to step foot into an ABC office! If you qualified for a Priority Liquor License then following is what lies ahead.

California Alcoholic Beverage Control will need every winner within 90 days to file a complete Liquor License application with supporting business documents, signed lease, CUP (if necessary). There will be mailers involved, a protest period and publications to be posted in your businesses local newspaper. The biggest battle will be with the ABC and satisfying all of their requests, if your application is incomplete or your supporting documents are lacking it will cause delays and your application may never be sent up to headquarters in Sacramento for final approval. This can be a lengthy process and can take anywhere from 60-120 days from when the application is filed. is well versed in this process, it’s what we do. Our full staff of processors works very closely with the Licensing Representatives that will be reviewing your application and supporting documents.

Don’t do this alone. Contact today and talk to us about our services and how we can quickly and efficiently get you approved to receive your Priority Liquor License.