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Stark County – D-1 Liquor Permit – Beer – On-Premise
Stark County – D-2 Liquor Permit – Wine – On-Premise
Stark County – D-3 Liquor Permit – Hard Liquor – On-Premise
Stark County – D-5 Liquor Permit – Full Liquor – On-Premise

Resources for Acquiring a Stark Liquor License
Use this page as your all-in-one guide for Liquor Licensing.  This page contains resources you can use to learn about every aspect of how to get your liquor licenses. If you are interested in getting a liquor license or  want to speak to one of our experts for Free please fill out your information below.

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Types of Stark County Liquor Licenses

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D-1 Liquor License

Beer only for on premises consumption or in original sealed containers for carry out only until 1:00am.

D-2 Liquor License

Wine and mixed beverages for on premises consumption or in original sealed containers for carryout only until 1:00am.

D-3 Liquor License

Spirituous liquor for on premises consumption only until 1:00am.

D-5 Liquor License

Spirituous liquor for on premises consumption only, beer, wine and mixed beverages for on premises, or off premises in original sealed containers, until 2:30am.

What are the steps to get a Stark County liquor license?

01 Get an Application

Download the Ohio Application for a new premise permit.

02 Complete the Application

Applicants should complete the application, answering all questions, sign it and have it notarized.

03 Division Notifies Legislative Authority of Filed Application

When processing begins, a notice is sent to the local legislative authority (city council or township trustees and county commissioners) and local police department (chief of police or township police and county sheriff).

04 Opportunity for Legislative Authority or Nearby Public Institution to Object

A Division compliance officer makes a physical inspection of the applicant’s premises.

05 Division Verifies the “Wet/Dry” Status of Proposed Permit Location

When an application is received, the Division sends a letter to the county Board of Elections to determine the precinct in which the applicant’s business is to be located.

06 Hearing on Any Filed Objections

If a hearing is requested by either the legislative body or a public institution, the applicant is notified by certified mail as to the time and place of the hearing.

07 Time Frame for Permit Issuance

If no hearing is requested, and no adverse information is discovered through the local police or the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI), the permit could be issued within ten to twelve weeks, but no sooner than 15 days from the application filing date.


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