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New Mexico
Dona Ana – Dispenser License – Full Liquor – On Sale & Off Sale
New Mexico
Dona Ana – Interlocal Dispenser License – Full Liquor – Restaurant / Bar / On-Sale

Resources for Acquiring a Dona Ana Liquor License
Use this page as your all-in-one guide for Liquor Licensing.  This page contains resources you can use to learn about every aspect of how to get your liquor licenses. If you are interested in getting a liquor license or  want to speak to one of our experts for Free please fill out your information below.

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Types of Dona Ana County Liquor Licenses

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Dispensers Liquor License

For selling beer, wine and spirits in a restaurant, hotel, bar, grocery store, convenience store, pharmacy or package liquor store.

Inter Local Dispenser (ILD) Liquor License

Allows beer, wine and spirits to be sold on premise.

What are the steps to get a Dona Ana County liquor license?

01 Preliminary review of application

Upon thorough review of your application, if there is anything lacking, you will receive a Notice of Deficiencies, that explains what must be provided to complete your application. Appointed Representative – If the applicant has submitted authorization with their application that they are represented by an attorney, broker, CPA, etc., your Representative will be contacted on your behalf.

02 Posting Request

sent to Department of Public Safety, done by Special Investigations Unit; The assigned Agent will contact you directly to post the Certificate, which must remain posted for 20 consecutive days.

03 Notice of Preliminary Hearing

Must be held within 30 days of receipt of your application. Your assigned Hearing Officer will send a Notice of Hearing that will include the date and time of your preliminary hearing. The hearing will be conducted in person or telephonically.

04 Notice of Publication

The Applicant is required to publish notice of the hearing, at least 72 hours in advance of your hearing, in a local newspaper of general circulation. Failure to publish notice of the hearing and to provide proof of publication within 48 hours of your hearing date will result in the cancellation and rescheduling of your preliminary hearing. Applicant is instructed to publish the Notice provided in the legal section for one day.

05 Notice of Deficiencies

Lists the items necessary to correct or complete your application. The listed items should be provided as soon as possible. Failure to do so will delay your application.

06 At Preliminary Hearing

This is a public hearing to read the application into the record. After your hearing, any remaining items should be completed and submitted within 10 days to avoid any delays.

07 Issuance of Hearing Officers Recommendations

After the closing date of Posting, and review by the Legal department, you may be contacted to make corrections or to submit additional documentation. Once all primary documents are received, the Hearing Officer will prepare recommendations and submit the application to the Director for preliminary approval.

08 Review of Recommendations by Director for Preliminary Approval

Once the Director has reviewed the application and the Recommendations, your application moves to the local governing body.

09 Application forwarded to Local Option District

The local governing body is required to publish notice and to conduct a public hearing within 45 days of receipt.

10 Decision by Local Option District

After your hearing the governing body has 30 days to provide ABC with their approval or denial.

11 Notice to Applicant of Final Deficiencies

Your hearing officer will contact you about any final documentations or fees needed in order to issue the liquor license.

12 Final Approval by Director

Once your application is complete the Director reviews all documents. Once approved, the License is issued and you will receive a packet that includes your Liquor License and all required documents.


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