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Presented for sale here is a Kern County type 48 liquor license. If you are interested in opening a bar this is the license required by law to do so. This license permits the sale of every single kind of alcohol you can imagine: beer, wine, and spirits including Absinthe. Give you customers what they want; a strong drink. This license will increase your profit margins (shots of hard-liquor have the largest profit margin of any product in a bar setting). This bar license can be transferred to any location in Kern County including Bakersfield.

The owner of this liquor license has decided that he wants to open a small scale oil drilling facility. He is selling his bar to dig for oil in his backyard and needs some money to buy the heavy equipment. Currently, Kern County Liquor Licenses are relatively affordable, but their prices are expected to increase significantly as Bakersfield and the county grows. This license represents a great investment to cash in future profits. This license is the cheapest on the market Guaranteed!

In addition, is the only firm that will actually help you to file your application, ensuring that you will get the license quicker with out the struggle of dealing with the ABC. And we will do this for you for FREE.  Let us for the work for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and make money.  Call today!



Licenses vets every license that is brought to sale in its marketplace to ensure immediate transferability. Our team of experienced brokers procures only clean licenses with no liens, holds or violations. In addition, checks to make sure buyers are capable of paying prices that are agreed upon by all parties involved.

2.Industry Leading
Customer Service
The team at is composed of well-seasoned professionals, who are available to our clients throughout the entire licensing process. No matter how big or small the request or how simple or complicated the question our team is here for you.

Concierge offers buyers exclusive services throughout the liquor licensing process. After purchasing a license you will have a team designated to take care of your licensing needs. This team will liaise on your behalf to help to ease the licensing process. The team can help with the local ABC or with the buyer/seller as much as needed.

Application Filing
When you use to complete your state regulatory filings you gain access to years of experience and countless relationships. Having access to this knowledge base will help you to maximize the likelihood of having your liquor license application approved quickly. Additional fees may apply.

After over 35 years and thousands of successful transfers, we are confident and guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service. We will give you the assurance you need and a team you can rely on to get the job at hand done!