California - Sacramento County Liquor License For Sale.

Sacramento – Type 20 License – Beer & Wine – Liquor Store / General Off-Sale
Sacramento – Type 21 Liquor License – Full Liquor – Liquor Store / General Off-Sale
Sacramento – Type 41 – Beer & Wine – Restaurant / Eating Place
Sacramento – Type 42 Liquor License – Beer & Wine – Restaurant / Eating Place
Sacramento – Type 47 Liquor License – Full Liquor – Restaurant / General On-Sale
Sacramento – Type 57 Liquor License – Full Liquor – Private Members Club
Sacramento – Type 75 Liquor License – Brew-Pub
Price upon request
Sacramento – Type 48 Liquor License – Full Liquor – Bar / General On-Sale

Resources for Acquiring a Sacramento Liquor License
Use this page as your all-in-one guide for Liquor Licensing.  This page contains resources you can use to learn about every aspect of how to get your liquor licenses. If you are interested in getting a liquor license or  want to speak to one of our experts for Free please fill out your information below.

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Sacramento, our state’s capital, is much like all other counties in California, particularly when it comes to liquor licenses.  Like all other areas in California, we are the dominate force in liquor license transfers.  The page below seeks to inform potential buyers of liquor licenses, with the intention of helping to turn grey areas black and white.

Types of Sacramento County Liquor Licenses

Type 20 Beer and Wine

A type 20 License is used for off premise beer and wine sales. If you own this license you may not sell hard alcohol and your customers may not consume their beer or wine on premises. This type of license can be obtained directly via an application process.

Type 21 Off-Sale Full Liquor

A type 21 Liquor License permits owners of the license to sell all types of liquor (beer, wine, and spirits) in their original packages to people, who are going to consumer off-premise. Like the type 20 license, owners to type 21’s cannot allow people to consume alcohol on their premise. This type of license must be acquired on the open market.

Type 41 Original Beer and Wine

An original beer and wine license is a type 41. Is it issued directly via the local alcohol beverage control and has little to no value on the open market. Type 41’s allow owners to sell beer and wine to be consumed on premise. People trying to sell type 41 licenses are attempting to scam uneducated business owners.

Type 47 Full Liquor Restaurant

A type 47 license allows business owners to sell beer, wine, and spirits to their customers. Type 47 licenses, however, have restrictions on the percentage of revenue that can come from alcohol sales. In most cases, at least 51% of revenue must come from food. Type 47 licenses are bought and sold on the open market. In addition, type 47 licenses can be converted to type 48 licenses, although this process can be difficult to get approval for.

Type 48 Full Liquor Bar

48’s are bar licenses. They allow the same permissions as type 47 licenses, but without the restrictions on revenue from food. Type 48 license can also be converted back down to a 47 if desired. Type 48 licenses are purchased.

Type 57 Full Liquor Private Club

Type 57 liquor license are an off shoot of the type 47 license. It is its own class but, type 57’s can be converted into 47’s and vice versa. Type 57’s unlike 47’s require that business owners collect a membership fee from their customers. Type 57 licenses apply to golf clubs and members clubs. They are bought and transferred from owner to owner.

Instructions to getting an Sacramento County Liquor License

01 Select a location

All business owners intended to purchase or acquire a liquor license must first have control of their property in order to apply.

02 Determine what type of liquor license is needed and Buy the License or apply for it via the state government

Use the guide above to help you educate yourself on understanding what type of license is needed exactly.  If you discover you need to purchase the license you want, please connect to our BUY page or call us at 1(800) 222-5777

03 Open an escrow

Escrows are required for any liquor license transfer in California.  If you are intending on transferring a liquor license, either buying or sell, is it important know that you are using a educated and experience team to handle your escrow.  Liquor License escrows have different details that real estate escrow do not.  Messing up these details can corrupt a transfer and greatly delay the transfer process.

04 Have the entire premises surveyed

In order to get your liquor license you will need to have your site surveyed.  Surveyors check to see which residences are near to your business and notifies them of the licensee’s intention to sell alcohol.  In addition, surveyors check to make sure that businesses are the appropriate distance from schools, churches and other establishments.

05 Submit your application

The process of submitting the application is often daunting and is definitely time consuming.  The application process can be equated to waiting in line at the DMV for 90 days continuously, without a guarantee that your name will ever be called.  LiquorLicense.Com does, however, offer a consulting service that helps to ensure your application will be not only approved, but also expedited.

06 Post a notice issued to you by the ABC on your premises for thirty days

It is required by law that you post a notice, a large sign, in a location visible to the public for 30 days.  Posting notice allows people in the area a chance to protest your license approval.  Protests are not uncommon and inevitably slow the licensure process.

07 After the public notice period, the ABC will conduct an investigation into the business

As part of the investigate, business owners should expect to have every detail of the business as well as of themselves investigated.  Having a criminal record is one of the most common reasons applications are denied.

08 Receive a liquor license in the mail from the ABC

You’ve made it! you just need to place the license somewhere easy visible to patrons of the establishment.  Now you can sell liquor!


We are the largest brokerage firm in the nation.  We have decades of experience and specialize in getting hard to find liquor licenses, in areas like Sacramento County, for our clients.  With the relationships we’ve garnered we can guarantee that we will get you the license you need.  Our size and skill allows us to get licenses quicker, cheaper and more professionally than our competitors.

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