California - Los Angeles County Liquor License For Sale.

Los Angeles – Type 57 Liquor License – Full Liquor – Private Members Club
Los Angeles – Type 75 Liquor License – Brew-Pub
Price upon request
Los Angeles – Type 20 – Beer & Wine – Liquor Store / General Off-Sale
Los Angeles – Type 21 – Full Liquor – Liquor Store / General Off-Sale
Los Angeles – Type 41 – Beer & Wine – Restaurant / Eating Place
Los Angeles – Type 42 – Beer & Wine – Restaurant / Eating Place
Los Angeles – Type 47 – Full Liquor – On Premise Eatery / Restaurant
Los Angeles – Type 47 – Full Liquor – Restaurant / General On-Sale
Los Angeles – Type 48 – Full Liquor – Bar / General On-Sale
Los Angeles – Type 57 – Full Liquor – Private Members Club

Resources for Acquiring a Los Angeles Liquor License
Use this page as your all-in-one guide for Los Angeles Liquor Licensing.  This page contains resources you can use to learn about every aspect of liquor licensing in LA. Included in these resources are links to individual Cities.   If you are interested in getting a liquor license or  want to speak to one of our experts for Free please fill out your information below.

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Types of Los Angeles County Liquor Licenses

There are wide variety of different liquor license types in California and all business intending on selling, manufacturing, importing, or distributing liquor licenses will need to acquire a California specific liquor license. The list below represents the most common types of liquor licenses in California specific to retailers.
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Type 20 Off-Sale Beer and Wine

Los Angeles type 20 licenses must be purchased on the open market.

Type 21 Off-Sale Full Liquor

Must be purchased on the open market.

Type 41 Original Beer and Wine

Are issued via the state for all licenses.

Type 47 Full Liquor Restaurant

Are bought and sold on the open market can be converted to a 48 with a $100 fee.

Type 48 Full Liquor Bar

Transferred on the open market, can be converted to a 47 with a $100 fee.

Type 57 Full Liquor Private Club

Bought and sold, convertible from a type 47.

Instructions to getting a Los Angeles County Liquor License

01 Select a Location

Regardless if you are starting a bar, restaurant, convenience store or grocery store all potential licensees must first select a location for their establishment.

02 Determine the license type needed

Decide whether you want to sell beer and wine or full liquor.  Refer to the list above for a better understanding of the license types and acquisition methods.

03 Acquire the License

Depending on the type this will need to be done either on the open market or via the state government directly.

04 Open an escrow

An Escrow is required for all liquor license transfers in the state of California.  Escrow companies are all regulated by the California government. The determining factor when choosing your escrow company should be experience.  Liquor license escrows differ greatly from those involving real estate.  Because of this you need to get a team of qualified professionals.

05 Have the entire premises surveyed

Depending on the city within Los Angeles your establishment will do business in, there are different restrictions that can prevent you from gaining approval.  Most restrictions mandate the number of feet your business is from schools and churches.

06 Submit your application

No matter if you are getting your license directly from the state or from the open market all persons intending on selling alcohol must apply through the state alcohol beverage control.

07 Post notice

After submitting your application the ABC will send you a posting notice.  the posting notice must be displayed in a place that is easily viewable by the public. The purpose of the posting notice is to make the neighborhood aware of your intention to sell alcohol.  In the worst of cases, people will protest your license, causing delays and potentially even denial of your license.

08 Investigation

After the public notice period, the ABC will conduct an investigation into the business.

09 Receive a liquor license

In the mail from the ABC.


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Additional Resources

County Government

Los Angeles County Government

The Liquor License Lottery in Los Angeles

Once a year there is an opportunity to purchase liquor licenses in Los Angeles via the liquor license lottery.  The lottery is often times the most cost effective way to obtain a license.

The liquor license lottery works similarly to any other raffle; you drop your name in the hat and hope it is picked.  In Los Angeles, unlike some other counties, the odds of winning a license are limited at best.  Most licenses that are distributed through the lottery are type 21 and type 47 licenses, with type 48 licenses only being issued rarely.

For those who desire to join into the liquor license lottery, we do offer a consulting service that helps your chances of winning but ensuring that all documentation is properly filled and is accepted by the state government. Fees for the consulting service are flat and partial refunds are offered to those who are not fortunate enough to win.

Conditional Use Permits

Depending on the city, and some times the area of the city, in which you are planning on putting your business, you may need to acquire a conditional use permit in order sell alcohol.  Obtaining a conditional use permit can be one of the most daunting and expensive aspects of the licensure process.  Fees paid to the city are often in excess of $10,000 are are non-refundable.

Fortunately, our in-house attorneys are have specialized in working with local municipalities with proven results.  For a flat fee, we are able to create a custom solution to your CUP needs.  Our services have the highest approval rates in the industry and our relationships with the government help us to boost your chances.  As part of the service, we will sit in court for you, connect with local leaders and smooth over the CUP process from start to finish.