California - Alameda County Liquor License For Sale.

Alameda – Type 20 Liquor License – Beer & Wine – Liquor Store / General Off-Sale
Alameda – Type 21 – Full Liquor – Liquor Store / General Off-Sale
Alameda – Type 41 – Beer & Wine – Restaurant / Eating Place
Alameda – Type 48 – Full Liquor – Bar / General On-Sale
Alameda – Type 75 Liquor License – Brew-Pub
Price upon request
Alameda – Type 42 – Beer & Wine – Restaurant / Eating Place
Alameda – Type 47 – Full Liquor – On Premise Eatery / Restaurant
Alameda – Type 57 Liquor License – Full Liquor – Private Members Club

Resources for Acquiring a Alameda Liquor License
Use this page as your all-in-one guide for Liquor Licensing.  This page contains resources you can use to learn about every aspect of how to get your liquor licenses. If you are interested in getting a liquor license or  want to speak to one of our experts for Free please fill out your information below.

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Alameda, one of the bay area counties, has a number of towns with significant populations. As a result of strong population growth and a limitation on the number of licenses in the county, there is strong demand for liquor licenses. Like many of the other areas in California, licensure allows business owners to capitalize on income opportunities as the sale of alcohol, and hard liquor in specific, has the fattest profit margin of any product in the bar, restaurant, and grocery industries. The information below will help prospective business owners, you, to learn more about acquiring a license in Alameda.

Types of Alameda County Liquor Licenses

The types of licenses available to Alameda businesses mirror those of other counties. As such, licenses come into two major varieties with two major types each. The first variety is off-sale. Off-sale licenses allow business to sell alcohol in their original packages to customers who take the booze home to drink. The second variety is on-sale. On-sale licenses allow business owners to sell alcohol to customers who plan on consuming at the establishment. For each of these varieties there are beer and wine licenses and full liquor licenses. The difference between the two is somewhat self explanatory. Please see below for more detail on the types of licenses available and the means for acquisition of each.

Type 20 Off-Sale Beer and Wine

Allows business owners to sell beer and wine to customers for home consumption. This type of license can be purchased on the open market or can be acquired directly from the state government. The determining factor in whether you can obtain the license from the government directly is moratorium. If you city is in moratorium, business owners have no choice but to look to the open market.

Type 21 Off-Sale Full Liquor

Allows business owners to sell all types of alcohol to customers for home consumption. Regardless of what city you in Alameda you are in, you will need to buy a type 21 from the open market.

Type 41 Original Beer and Wine

Type 41 licenses are beer and wine licenses for on-premise consumption. These are the simplest licenses to get, because no matter what city you are in you can get the license from the state. Note, however that the process is still difficult and time consuming.

Type 47 Full Liquor Restaurant

Type 47 Liquor licenses are on-premise full liquor licenses that allow businesses to serve customers so long as the business’ revenue is at least 51% food based. These licenses must be purchased.

Type 48 Full Liquor Bar

48s are similar to 47’s in what you are allowed to serve, however, they do not carry the same revenue restrictions at restaurant licenses. These licenses need to be purchased on the open market as well.

Type 57 Full Liquor Private Club

57’s are private member club licenses they are convertible from type 47’s. In order to have this license all people who come into your establishment must have paid a membership.

How to get an Alameda License (8 Steps)

01 Select a location

In order to acquire a license it is required that you have a location in which to put the license. In addition, licenses sit on locations for specific businesses. If you own a license and intend to move it, it is required that your re-apply.

02 Determine what type of liquor license is needed and Buy the License

Use the reference list above to help you to determine what type of license you need as well as the means through which you will have to obtain it.

03 Open an escrow

All transfers of liquor licenses require an escrow. Escrows are in place to protect both the buyer and the seller of the license while the ABC is processing the application. Escrow companies are regulated by the California Government and are audited on a regular basis. To be safe, ensure that your escrow company have years of experience and is bonded and insured.

04 Post a notice issued to you by the ABC on your premises for thirty days

Site surveys are ABC’s way to ensuring that any premise intending on selling alcohol are not too close to any schools or churches. The site survey also corresponds with a mailer that alert neighbors of your intentions.

05 Submit your application

ABC applications are notoriously difficult to fill in correctly and making any mistakes and delay or even possibly eliminate your chances of getting a liquor license. For a flat fee, we have a service that will rid you of any worries. Our Liquor License Consulting Service helps you by correctly filling in all of the necessary paperwork and in addition, works directly with the ABC to expedite your licensure process.

06 Have the entire premises surveyed

Posting notice is a large sign that is placed in the window, or on the front of your establishment, that notifies the public you are going to sell alcohol. The posting notice must be placed somewhere noticeable as the ABC may come to inspect the notice to ensure it is properly placed and dated.

07 After the public notice period, the ABC will conduct an investigation into the business

ABC investigations are notoriously rigorous. It is not uncommon for ABC detectives to delve into both your and the businesses history to see if there was any criminal activity or liens, etc.

08 Receive a liquor license in the mail from the ABC

You Did It! You can sell booze! Go hang your license and make money $$$


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Alameda is one of the few counties that are not completely in moratorium. Moratorium is the consideration from the state that prevents all types of licenses, except 41, from being issued. As a result in certain cities in Alameda you can purchase type 20 licenses directly from the state. These cities include Alameda, Dublin, Fremont, Hayward, Newark, Oakland, Piedmont, Pleasanton and Union City.

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