LiquorLicense.com, its partners, and its principals have been involved in all aspects of alcoholic beverage licenses and permits of all types for businesses of every size for over 35 years. Our group provides clients with the expertise and invaluable knowledge that is obtainable through extended exposure to the licensing process and various regulatory agencies. LiquorLicense.com was among the first firms in the liquor licensing industry and still to this day remains the largest and most professional.

At LiquorLicense.com we have grown to recognize acquiring and maintaining a liquor license is an onerous and tedious undertaking in many, if not in all, areas.

It is the lack of transparency and clarity of the government agencies that led us to create LiquorLicense.com with the ultimate goal of making liquor licensing simple and streamlined for our clients.

For many businesses, owning a liquor license is vital to their core operation. Because of this liquor licenses must be protected at all costs. The team at LiquorLicense.com is sensitive and in tune with all of the needs of our clients, not matter how small. Your success is our success. We strive to provide our clients with the most comprehensive set of services available anywhere in the hospitality industry with the hope that we can effectuate the difficult tasks required to open your new business.