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Arizona Liquor License FAQ’s

Do I need a liquor license if I want to sell liquor in Arizona?

Yes.  Whether you are intending on selling beer, wine, or hard liquor you will need a liquor license.

What are the types of liquor licenses?

In Arizona, there are 19 types of Liquor licenses, with 3 predominate types:

1. Series 6 Liquor License Bar

2. Series 7 Liquor LicenseBeer and Wine Bar

3. Series 9 Liquor LicenseLiquor Store

How long does the process take after the application has been made

After the application has been submitted, it generally takes 65 to 105 days for the license to be approved.

How do I get a Liquor License in Arizona?

There are two ways to get one of the 3 predominate types of liquor licenses in Arizona.  You can Buy a License or get one in what is called the liquor license lottery.  The lottery, however, takes place only during a specific time of the year with only a few licenses available.

If you are interested in acquiring a license that is directly issued by the state, LiquorLicense.Com offers consulting services that expedite the licensing process by leveraging our knowledge of the application and our connections within the Arizona Department of Liquor.


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